The financial position of a self-employed business professional is more volatile and complex than that of a salaried professional.

We provide you with insight into your financial position now and later, as well as the risks. You can also contact us for financing (business and private / mortgage) and insurance (business and private).

We distinguish ourselves in that we approach each piece of advice from a holistic rather than fragmented perspective.
As a result, we do not limit ourselves only to financial matters but also include tax and civil law elements.

We deliver customized services, are flexible and think with you. We strive for a lasting relationship, where your interests are our driving force.

Financial advice

We align your financial and tax affairs in the best possible way. Financial advice begins with clarifying your current financial position. This involves three things: income, expenses and capital position - and especially how they relate to each other.

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You can also contact us for all your mortgage issues. We are independent and can do business with almost all mortgage lenders in the Netherlands. We will clarify for you the advantages and disadvantages and which party best suits your needs.

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Life Events

What impact do life events have on your financial position? Think marriage, divorce, children, retirement. All of these things can mean changes for you as a business professional.

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Retirement is a broad term. It's about your financial position later: income, expenses and assets. A comfortable retirement is all in the preparation. Good financial insights are indispensable for this.

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Private insurance

Everything has been taken care of for business, but what about your private life? To complete your service, Kuipers & Claassen can also provide you with your disability insurance and life insurance(s).

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Do you have any questions regarding our services? If so, please contact us.