Business professional

Kuipers & Claassen, the total service provider for business professionals


We have over 20 years of work experience advising liberal professionals, business service providers, corporations, freelancers and high net worth individuals. We specialize in providing insight into financial and tax processes. Our advice enables you to make informed choices.


For a business professional, a financial journey involves more than an employed person.
Financial changes must also take into account your business interests and implications for the business.

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Our tax specialists can advise you in taxes, legislation and all the rules surrounding it, for you and your business(es).

Also, these are combined with your financial situation to create a representative overall picture.

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Estate Planning

Our Estate specialists go beyond the service of notarized documents. They always ensure that your notarial wishes fit the overall picture. We go further, where the notary stops, in that we provide customized services and always link to your financial and tax needs.


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