Estate Planning

Estate planning is freely translated as 'estate planning'. Yet this does not entirely cover the load and it would be better to speak of "the set of measures that influence the size and composition of an estate, taking into account optimally the civil law position of our clients, but also the financial and tax position, not to mention the wishes and emotions of our clients.

Our Estate specialists go beyond the services the average notary will be able to offer you. This is because they always ensure that your civil law wishes fit into your overall financial and tax situation.

So we go further, where the notary stops, by providing customization and from the civil law always link to your financial and tax needs.


Everyone goes through a number of life themes in life with the corresponding considerations and choices. We make these choices clear in a life line and look - based on your wishes - at the civil law, fiscal and financial possibilities in order to optimally fulfill these choices.


Part of the Estate plan is a financial plan. As part of financial planning, we can assist you with financial life cycle planning. We make it clear that each stage of life has a different composition of income, expenses and assets. Using various scenarios, we show you what impact certain events, such as retirement or death, will have on the situation. Based on your personal wishes, we determine, together with you, how best to deal with this. This allows you to (continue to) live the life you envision in all scenarios.


Estate planning, or estate planning, goes beyond simply drafting a will. Together with you, we make your estate transparent and ensure that it is arranged in the most advantageous and thorough manner.

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Cohabitation forms

Even if you, as an entrepreneur, intend to enter into marriage, it is important for this subject to weigh up prenuptial agreements or community of property. In this, and all other forms of cohabitation, we are happy to assist you.

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How does a divorce affect your business? Do you need mediation? Should the house be sold or a new one purchased? We can fully assist you as an entrepreneur in handling a divorce.

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