Medical Professional

We have been providing expertise for medics for many years. Whether it is about joining a partnership, starting your own practice or selling it: from our specialism for medical specialists, we will advise and assist you.

Many of our clients have a medical profession, from general practitioner to oral surgeon, dentist, physical therapist, to medical specialist and orthodontist.


When you join a partnership or cooperative, many different things come your way:

  • What are the conditions for joining;
  • What is my financial position after joining;
  • Should I deposit capital or contribute goodwill.

We are in the business of guiding and advising our clients on a daily basis during accessions and purchase or sale of practices, and can support you in negotiations. We also take care of recording the agreements made and handling them.

Our specialists provide insight into the financial implications of entry or practice acquisition, and clarify the effect on cash flows, risks and financing options.

This is approached not only financially but also from tax and civil impact.


In addition, as an entrepreneur you will have to deal with certain insurance matters, such as liability and legal aid, as well as pension accrual. Naturally, we can also guide you in these matters.

Full service

Once your entry or acquisition is realized, our services do not stop. You can come to us for the preparation of your financial statements and tax returns.

We distinguish ourselves with our total service for medical specialists: financial, tax and civil law under one roof.


At Kuipers & Claassen, we strive to build lasting and long-term relationships with clients. At least once a year we sit down with our clients; this is again the starting point in the conversation to exchange views on issues such as financial wishes and goals, current insurance policies or financial dealings with your partner.

Is there any way to optimize my mortgage? What to do with assets? These topics and more recur periodically.


In addition to our specific services for you as a medical professional, our services for Business professionals are for you.


We align your financial and tax affairs in the best possible way.


We strive for a lasting relationship. In doing so, your interests are our driving force.


We continue where others stop, are flexible and think along with you.

Do you have any questions regarding our services? If so, please contact us.