Tax advice


As an entrepreneur, you may have to deal with the choice of a business form, entering into partnerships, as well as the consequences for your business in the event of a life event such as marriage or divorce. We will clarify your situation and advise you on it.

We also take care of guiding the incorporation of a B.V., drafting a V.O.F. or shareholder or management agreement. In the event of an acquisition of a company, we accompany the entire process.

At Kuipers & Claassen, we always strive for tax optimization. Our fiscal advisors look at figures in a different way than an accountant:

We communicate regularly and take a proactive approach to tax matters, so there are no surprises afterwards.

We monitor the tax burden, check whether provisional assessments are still accurate and advise whether it is wise to invest this year in connection with investment deductions. We also look at what possibilities there are for deducting expenses.

Because we offer a total package of services, we link to financial and civil aspects.

For example, we signal that the mortgage can be optimized or that there is tax space for annuity payments, but also whether there are private assets that can be better used in another way.

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We align your financial and tax affairs in the best possible way.


We strive for a lasting relationship. In doing so, your interests are our driving force.


We continue where others stop, are flexible and think along with you.

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