Financial and tax consulting firm Amsterdam

We are an Amsterdam-based financial and tax consulting firm focused on serving medical, business and online professionals. Because healthy finances contribute to an enjoyable life, you can come to us not only for financial and tax advice, your financial statements and tax returns, but also for practice management, accessions, estate planning, retirement advice, mortgage advice as well as your insurance matters. Your interests are paramount to us and are the driving force behind our services.


We align your financial and tax affairs in the best possible way.


We strive for a lasting relationship. In doing so, your interests are our driving force.


We continue where others stop, are flexible and think along with you.


You are a medical professional

Your career as a medical professional is constantly evolving. And often you not only have to deal with medical issues, but also complicated financial and tax processes. When you start collaborating with professional colleagues, for example. Or if you become a substitute or salaried medical professional. In all these scenarios you will benefit from insight. We are happy to relieve you of this burden.


You are self-employed

As a ZZP'er you are a specialist and an entrepreneur. You are constantly developing and looking for new opportunities. You also have to deal with insurance, financing, contracts and tax returns. And with changing laws and regulations. As an independent entrepreneur, you must comply with certain rules and it can be difficult to keep your finances in order. We are happy to advise you so that you can make informed choices.


You are an employer

As an employer, you are nonstop working on your business. You explore opportunities for growth and arrange many financial matters for your employees, such as pension provision. You also have to deal with absenteeism and occupational health. We are happy to help you make risks transparent and to complete and communicate the fringe benefits of your employees.


You are an online professional

As an online professional, paper-based administration is an absolute no-go. We put an end to paperwork for you with an online administration that links to your website/webshop, bank account and payment systems, allowing you to outsource your administration to us. And of course we also support you with our other financial and fiscal services.


Asset Planning

Planning your financial future is very important. We are happy to assist you in planning and structuring your assets. In doing so, we provide solutions that meet your changing needs. Everything revolves around you and your wishes.


Do you have any questions regarding our services? If so, please contact us.